Spring Quilt Market 2012: Birch Fabrics – Current Collections

{ Mod Squad by Dan Stiles }


Judging from the sheer number of collections and projects they had to show them off, Birch Fabrics is clearly growing! The market really seems to be embracing their innovative designs on organic fabric, which is great news.


{ Mod Squad, Mod Basics, and Next Stop projects }




{ Commute and Mod Basics projects }


{ Storyboek Two }

Jay-Cyn Design’s Storyboek Two has sea and forest themes that make their own collections-within-the-collection or they can be mixed and matched. It’s not out quite yet but is expected this month, so I put it in the “current” column.


Next Stop by Monaluna (available now) }


{ all photos by Ellen Luckett Baker of The Long Thread }

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