Spring Quilt Market 2012: Alexander Henry – Fashion for Home and New Qualities

For a show that is primarily focused on quilting cottons, Alexander Henry took the opportunity to highlight their home decor weight fabrics. Twitter, Facebook and many a blog were lighting up with photos of this fantastic chair sculpture. The fact that none of the fabrics used were less than three to four years old was rather impressive as well.

What often separates Alexander Henry from most manufacturers is that they follow their own road versus going along with the majority. The collections they debuted were a mix of the cute, the what the what?, and the stunning — the only company that can do that and have it all make sense:).

Most all of these collections are scheduled to arrive between this month and next.



Olympia brings back some of the most popular Alexander Henry prints on their super shirting basecloth, which is silky and drapey enough for fashion but can still work for quilting and crafts. The collection will also be available in flannel.




Most surprising was the news that Alexander Henry will be offering select prints in laminate and corduroy. Specifically in corduroy will be Zhivago, which is rich in color and has some fun with our friends with the matryoshka dolls.


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