Fall Quilt Market 2012: Yuwa

{ Maybe my absolute favorite novelty print at this market, or ever? – this is Anyan’s second collection for the Yuwa Live Life line — the first, Cotorienne, was also a favorite last spring.  }

Can I just please get a pneumatic tube installed that runs straight between Yuwa and my house? I love everything they do and am always compelled to take pictures of every single colorway of everything because they are always so inventive and different from anything else on the market. This season Yuwa and cousin-company Kei (they’re getting their own post, coming up next) have a fresh batch of geometrics, vintage-inspired novelties, beautiful lawns, modern Japanese florals, typographic prints (they certainly are the originators of the type trend), a Paris tribute, and lots of miscellany. I will have many more pictures and some unidentified prints on Facebook, which you will want to go check out. If you are hardcore like me.

More from Anyan’s newest collection:

Yuwa Live Life:





Lawns (I think they were lawns, anyway) from the Live Life collection:

Cheater typographic patchwork and giant dots with text, by Suzuko Koseki (thanks, Amy, for the ID!):


The booth display, which featured several large-scale prints:


Parisian themed splendor from Yuwa Live Life:


These guys below seem more Kei but maybe they’re Yuwa, I don’t know — for shame! Well, whatever — I know you will love them up either way.




  1. Hi there. The cheater and the “unidentified but great” larger scale prints with circles and postage stampes are Suzuko Koseki! The grid prints are also Suzuko Koseki. Happy to help!


  2. Kitty says:

    Do keep posting about every single colorway of everything Yuwa and Kei, please!! I LOVE it!!!

  3. carla says:

    Thank you for these in depth posts about all the new fabric coming out! I had seen a lot of what you’ve featured in passing on various quilting blogs, but I love the in depth look you guys give. Thank you!