Fall Quilt Market 2012: Slow Reporter Keli Faw of Drygoods Design

Hello! I am the straggler of the Kim’s crew and very honored to be part of the ranks again to help in Kim’s in-depth coverage of Quilt Market. Market is an event, and such a fun one as it gather some amazing, creative people together and allows us to drool over beautiful fabrics, patterns and useful notions.

For me, it’s about seeing and meeting so many wonderful people and nerding out about the fabric is a major treat. My job, in my eyes, is to act on behalf of my Drygoods Design customers and seek out the best of the best of what is offered. It’s a difficult task as with each market, there are more and more modern selections. I was mostly struck with how much of a shift we’re seeing with darker backgrounds in prints. Where white, ivory and light greys used to be the background workhorses, we’re seeing black, dark navy and charcoals fill in the gaps between rich color and louder prints. And in an industry where trend was more latent in responding to what we would see in design, clothing and other areas, it’s now much more on-time, so to speak.

My early favorites for our winter and spring arrivals are a continuation on our fascination with geometrics, reproductions, more illustrative prints and pops of color that are slightly unexpected. I can never really call favorites but there were a few collections I just can’t get out of my head – Tsuru from Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cloud9, Stamped by Ellen Luckett-Baker for Kokka, Stile Collection by Liberty Lifestyle, Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander, Shelbourne Falls by Denyse Schmidt, and Ruby Star Sparkle by Melody Miller for Kokka. There are many others but I think each of these collections represent one or more of the trends in their own way: simplicity, richness, darker hues, metallic and vintage inspiration.

Thank you Kim for having me!

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