Fall Quilt Market 2012: More Alexander Henry

Here’s what else Alexander Henry has coming now through Spring 2013. Africa captures my favorite color story at the moment – burgundy, bright pink, rust, and mustard. I love their interpretation of African textiles. I also think that zebras may very well be a new Hot Animal, maybe having to do with the film version of Life of Pi coming out?


The Exotica line add these colorful takes on animal prints.


{ new Folklorico }



{ Indochine }


{ Love, Luck, and Liberty }



Mecca for Moderns is a new group, featuring a smaller scale version of the Tribeca print from the Fashion for Home collection.


{ Monkey’s Bizness }


{ Nicole’s Prints }


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  2. Paccana says:

    Love those animal patterns, its tough to pull those off without it looking really tacky. Definitely gave me some stuff to peruse for a while!