Fall Quilt Market 2012: Modern Quilt Studio

Weeks Ringle tag-teamed with her husband Bill Kerr this Market. Bill talked about the modern quilting movement to a standing-room-only crowd at schoolhouse (yeah!), then Weeks took the bulk of the booth-staffing through Market and into Festival. The recently rechristened Modern Quilt Studio booth showcased their distinct and cerebral take on modern quilting, as well as introducing their upcoming fabric collections for Andover. It’s been a few years since they’ve had a fabric collection, so I’m glad they’re back! I hesitate to show you the prints from Victorian Modern separately, since the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but the parts are still pretty darn great on their own, so I’ve included some of my favorites. “Vic Mod” is grouped into “value stories,” composed of low-contrast prints for quilters wanting to incorporate depth and luminosity effects into their work.  You might reference their most recent book, Transparency Quilts, to see what we’re talking about here, subscribe to their magazine Modern Quilts Illustrated or keep your eyes on Weeks’ blog Craft Nectar. These kinds of prints are difficult to find, especially with more modern motifs and colors.



{ Weeks busy helping out some last-minute customers }


{ Modern Quilts Illustrated, now in its fourth issue! }


{ Funquilts’ (now Modern Quilt Studio’s) patterns }


And here’s a peek at their next collection for Andover, called Passport. This collection is darker, more saturated, and there’s more contrast in the prints than in Victorian Modern but not nearly as much as your typical modern print.

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