Fall Quilt Market 2012: Lecien

Japanese company Lecien always has a strong showing at Market and this time was no exception. Their booth featured the new Folk Tale collection by Natalie Lymer. Folk Tale is full of little elves, woodland animals, birdcages and clocks with a unique mix of pastels and brights. Can you imagine creating party decor featuring this print? The bunting just puts me in a good mood!

{ A Little Folk Tale quilt }

Embroidered whimsical woodland nymphs frolic on a pillow made of the hexagon print.

It looked like there were water bottles inside the little shirts. What a fun table setting they would make.

Next up, the Isso Echo & Heart collection features paisley, travel motifs, party hats, hot-air balloons and line drawings of neighborhoods.

This colorful pinwheel flower quilt was made with Color Basic.

More collared shirts, this time in Color Basic, Color Basic Plus and Tiny Prints.

The Color Basic Plus prints are basic shapes of flowers, hearts and diamonds in colorful combinations.

There are prints for both girls and boys in the Tiny Prints collection.

First of infinity is a quirky collection of typographical prints.

Colorful patterns, dots and stripes from Atelier Akiko.

Tina Guthmann is a software developer by day and a quilter and a textile and graphic designer by night. She writes the blog BostonSewer and is also known around the internet as CrimsonBruin.

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