Fall Quilt Market 2012: Kokka – Melody Miller

Do you remember that scene in Amélie when the former occupant of Amélie’s apartment is reunited with his boyhood cigar box full of treasures? If so, you know a bit of how it felt to be in Melody Miller‘s booth this market. She had my childhood on those shelves and under that tree. It was, umm, kind of emotional! Sure, I collect vintage fabric and have bought back lots of 70s toys and books for my own kids, but the living room/kitchen combo that Melody and friends created was extra transporting.

It was all to promote her new cotton-linen collection Ruby Star Sparkle (new in stores now). Melody has always built her collections around vintage awesomeness, and this time it’s rotary phones, Instamatic-type cameras, iconic 60s-70s kitchenware, and roller skates. She also revisits old catalog lady friends and florals and florals, only they’re overlaid with glittery metallic type. The metallic ink is a feature of several other prints.

And the fabric was only the half of it — she (with co-author Allison Tannery) also has a fantastic new book Ruby Star Wrapping, which I strongly suggest you get right now in time for holiday prepping. As you’ll see below, Melody also has brought her patterns to Gelaskins, so you can wrap your phone in favorite Ruby Star patterns.



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  1. Greta Songe says:

    That booth was SO SO gorgeous!! love it. )