Fall Quilt Market 2012: Kei

Here’s what’s coming from Kei, the originators of the famous honeycomb dot. They have a beautiful retro-modern take on traditional Japanese motifs with the Kyoto Story collection. Their other series are loose collections of one-offs sharing a vaguely similar style — of course I go right for the vintage repros, but I’ll also be looking for their YN series for making some dresses.



Kei Fav series:



Kei PD series, with an abundance of delightful plaids:

Floral prints from Kei:

Kei YN series:



  1. Hi there. The cheater and the “unidentified but great” larger scale prints are suzuko koseki!

  2. oops I left that one on the wrong post! It was intended for the post below it. =)