Fall Quilt Market 2012 Intro – Jessica

{Designer Tula Pink takes time to sign an autograph in her Quilt Market booth}

Hi y’all, I’m Jessica, owner of Etsy shop Plum Patchwork and (very occasional) blogger at my blog of the same name. I’m really excited to be sharing my Quilt Market experience with all of you!

This was my first Quilt Market, and what I took away from the experience is that everyone is so nice. I mean genuinely nice. I met a whole host of rockstar designers (everyone from Bari J to Polly Minick to Amy Butler) and each one of them was nothing but sweet and gracious and welcoming.

Case in point: I promised a friend I’d get her Tula Pink‘s autograph. I found Tula Pink’s booth, waited until she was free, and approached her. And then in a moment of starstruck idiocy, I blurted out “Hi Tula? I need a favor.”

Her response? ”Sure, of course!”

Not “What do you need?” or “It depends what it is.” or “Do I know you!?” Just yes.

In retrospect I should’ve said I needed a quilt.

What I love about the sewing and quilting community is that it is a community, and you really felt that at Market.  I hope I’ll be able to attend again and help Kim cover many more fabric lines in the future!

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