Fall Quilt Market 2012 Intro – Ellen Rushman/TPB

Quilt Market encompassed all that it usually does – visual stimulation, nonstop sightings of favorite fabric designers, and constant daydreaming of all the future projects that I could use upcoming fabric lines in.

I am part of the blogging duo at The Printed Bolt. My blog buddy Madeleine Roberg and I hosted a fabric design competition over the last few months, and the winner Michele Rosenboom joined us at Market. Jessica Pollak, a runner up, also attended, and our True Up coverage is a medley of what caught each of our eyes.

{Jessica, Ellen, Madeleine, and Michele blocking your view of an awesome Carolyn Friedlander quilt}

A few general observations. Modern quilting has hit the industry hard, and the fabric companies want a piece of the magic.  From minimalist prints to retro inspired patterns, companies are reaching out to the young, hipster quilters out there. And not only do they want them to sew quilts, but garments too!  From voile to velveteen, the push towards new types of fabrics at Market was apparent.  Loads of designers roaming around in handmade clothes featuring their fabric. Guess I need to expand my sewing skills …


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