Fall Quilt Market 2012: In the Beginning

Seattle’s In the Beginning Fabrics is feeding the modern quilt movement’s hunger for simple, unfussy, graphic prints and interesting solids with Bloom Modern by Jason Yenter (March 2013) and Modern Solids, which are yarn-dyed and use subtly different thread colors for the warp and weft, which add a bit of depth and dimension to these rich colors. The solids will be available in 40 colors, and are sold to shops in 10-yard bolts which allows shops to try a wider variety of colors.



Panels and border prints continue to be a big thing, even in the more modern-leaning collections. Take a Hike by Heather Dupont (April 2013) includes these, a plethora of woodland critters, and some great coordinates. I couldn’t stop looking at the multicolor stars one — the transparency effects give depth and it’s one of those prints you see differently every time you glance at it.



These final two collections both have companion storybooks (!). Mooshka, A Quilt Story is about a talking quilt, and it’s filled with author/illustrator Julie Paschkis’ folk-inspired, hand-painted patterns. Mooshka, the fabric collection, comes out in January 2013 and includes a large panel so you can sew your own Mooshka Kitty AND give her her own cat quilt.



Extraordinary World by Jennifer Heynen (out now) is based on her book Extraordinary Colors, which introduces kids to more exotic colors like vermillion and saffron, and does it in rhyme.

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  1. Wow! I love each one of these fabrics, you can make hundreds of beautiful things, and the cat! great!. I dont know what i would do if I could attend this fair. Great post!. Greetings from Chile! (and sorry my english)