Fall Quilt Market 2012: FreeSpirit

FreeSpirit fabrics have a special place in my heart — probably because they were the ones who brought us Amy Butler fabric. Do you remember how exciting that was??? I feel like that’s now “back in the day,” that’s how long it’s been. (Is this where I confess that I took a stack of Amy Butler fabric to the tattoo “parlor” about nine years ago for color inspiration? Yes, I guess it is … Ahem.) In any event, FreeSpirit’s presentation at fall quilt market was as vibrant and exciting as ever. As soon as I stepped in, I started to smile and just kept on smiling all the way through the booth.

This post focuses, for the most part, on the FreeSpirit designers who did not have separate booths. Come on, we have a lot of ground to cover — but just 17 of FreeSpirit’s 34 listed designers. Watch for Sarah’s posts for the latest on Amy and David Butler, Tula Pink, and Anna Maria Horner.

First up is Dena Designs‘ Painted Garden of gorgeous florals in rich colors and Happy, a fun kid-friendly set of prints.



Joel Dewberry showed Notting Hill.



Felicity Miller, oh my, I may have drooled over Charleston Farmhouse a little bit (not on it however).



Valori Wells‘ Novella is hitting the stores now in three beautiful colorways.



Tina Givens has the elegant Fortiny collection.



Here is Melissa White‘s Amelie’s Attic. I could not love this fabric and this quilt more!



Actually under the Rowan purview, these are Godwin & Bromley designs for the Victoria & Albert Museum.



Jennifer Paganelli‘s latest collection is Happy Land. Every one of her collections would qualify for that great name!



Erin McMorris presents her Moxie collection — crisp geometrics, clear colors, so pretty!



New floral collections from Kathy Davis called Pocket Full of Poppies and Enchantment.



Nel Whatmore showed us Katharine’s Wheel and Eden.



Raise your hand if you’re looking forward to Denyse Schmidt‘s new Shelburne Falls collection.



Annette Tatum‘s collection Tailored is so beautiful in soft pastels!



Verna Mosquera‘s Pirouette is sure to appeal to dancers and non-dancers alike!



I’m still going a little swoon-y over Dan Bennett‘s Ruby and Frondescence collections (did you know that “frondescence” means foliage or the process of putting forth leaves, don’t tell me you knew that).



Last but certainly not least, here is the Ty Pennington Impressions Fall 2012 collection.

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  1. Nathalie says:

    So pleased to see the fabrics presented as clothing for adults too, not just quilts and kiddies’ clothes.