Fall Quilt Market 2012: Daisy Janie

{ Daisy Janie’s Quilt Market Booth }

Jan DiCintio, the creative and entrepreneurial force behind Daisy Janie, presented three — count ‘em three — lines this market!  She has been busy with her new creations:  New Leaf, Little Jack and Daisies ‘n Such.  All of Jan’s designs are printed on 100% GOTS-certified organic fabrics.  I must say that New Leaf’s oranges, purples, pinks, fuchsias and yellows are the most vibrant colors I’ve seen on organic fabric!  Jan cleverly highlighted New Leaf’s retro vibe by commissioning drawings by the artist Stephanie Corfee.

{ The New Leaf Collection }

{ The Festoon print from the New Leaf collection }

The clear standout print is Festoon of New Leaf.  it is a selvedge-to-selvedge print that is perfect for large-scale projects like table cloths, table runners or whole-cloth quilts.

{ Little Jack }

Memories of Jan’s son when he was a baby — waking up from nap time, playing with his toys and flipping through his board books — inspired Little Jack.  Jan created the line keeping in mind what she would have liked to create with when Jack was a toddler.  Little Jack is a fun mix of prints with shapes and blenders in bright, primary colors.

{ Daisies ‘n Such }

The flora outside Jan’s studio window was the motivation for Daises ‘n Such.  My favorite is the main print, Midsummer Dream, which features bright, petite flowers on a dark background.  Among the coordinating fabrics are pale pink daisies on a coral background and blue daisies on a bright green background.  They are perfect for a summer picnic quilt.

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