Fall Quilt Market 2012: Anthology Fabrics



Deerfield by Adrienne Looman – October 2012 }


Anthology‘s bread and butter is batiks, but they instantly gained the respect of the modern-minded sewist with their print collection when they launched a few years ago. They recently released two collections by Adrienne Looman, both with cute, smaller-scale focus prints and easy coordinates that will fit right in with your modern stash. Anthology releases about one print collection a month, and  we have collections from Angela Rekucki and Leah Duncan (yeah!) to get us through winter into Spring 2013.

{ Blooming Lovely by Adrienne Looman } already out


{ Deerfield coordinates }



{ Leah Duncan – Bits and Pieces — March 2013 }

So glad that Leah has a followup to her wonderful and successful debut Maya!


{ Bikes and Trikes by Angela Rekucki - February 2013 }




{ Bikes and Trikes by Angela Rekucki - January 2013 }



Lullaby Baby by Jean Kelly – available now }



I don’t want to give Anthology’s batiks the short shrift — they’re not really typical for True Up but you can’t not be drawn into the warm glow and of course appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into them. Anthology had an almost cathedral-feeling booth with stretched quilts making the ceiling — very cool.


This rather incredibly complex quilt is a FREE pattern available on the Anthology website here, along with some of the other patterns you see here.


  1. Caitlin T. says:

    I’m so excited for Leah’s new collection. I can’t wait for it to hit stores! Thanks for sharing a sneak peek of it!

  2. [...] pal Kim at True Up gives us a peek at the Anthology quilt market releases. Here you can see the new Leah Duncan collection that we ordered. When I stayed at the Heywood [...]