Fall Quilt Market 2012: Amy and David Butler

Amy Butler‘s Alchemy collection is very complex! At 46 pieces you could be forgiven to not keep them all straight, but they’re divided up further into a lot of different substrates.


The Studio Collection contains 12 different prints in different fabrics, including rayon challis, sateen bliss, voile, velveteen, laminates, and linen rayon, aimed at fashion and home decor sewing.


There are 12 prints in the Quilting Cotton range, and 8 in the Organic Cotton.


The Decorator Linen/Rayon fabric has a beautiful drape and feel – I can see myself wanting to hand quilt this, it’s beautifully soft. There are 8 prints in this. And finally 6 Laminates to round everything off. Phew!


The prints are different across each substrate and only a few cross over and are repeated in different fabrics. This is a little frustrating when you see the catalog, as there are prints in other fabric I would love in quilting cotton or linen, that only come in dress fabric and vice versa.

On tops of all this beauty Amy was also showing her new magazine, Blossom, launched in November, the magazine has over 200 pages of patterns, photos and Amy-inspired inspiration.


Amy was right next door to hubby David’s (aka Parson Gray‘s) latest offering – Seven Wonders. There are 24 prints in the line, all with the same graphic focus as Curious Nature, in earthy colours and hand drawn artwork. Both the quilting cotton and home dec fabrics are out now. Beautiful.

Australian quilter and fabric designerĀ Sarah Fielke is the author of several books and is a world-traveling teacher. Amy Lobsiger is a talented quilter and writer of the blog Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts.


  1. wendy says:

    Oh no! I usually love AB fabrics, but this collection is a real bust, so “old lady”! I’m really disappointed.

  2. Nathalie says:

    Hehe, Wendy. I’ve spent all morning aaahing over the collection, trying to hold back from bulk buying those gorgeous butterflies in every c/w and yummy Victoriana print (the zinc c/w is simply beautiful). But then I also wear me-made vintage clothing (sewn from 40s – 50s patterns), so I guess that although I’m not an old lady yet, that’s what you might call ‘old lady’ taste! I for one love this collection, especially the range of fabrics it comes in.