Nani Iro 2012

Waltz }

Nani Iro has her own website and webshop now (or maybe she always has, and I’ve somehow missed it). Her 2012 collection is up there now and of course it’s gorgeous. These are all double gauze prints with the exception of Element Collage, which is a knit, and Peaceful Cooing, which comes on both basecloths. Each print comes in a handful of colorways. Matatabi has most, if not all of the collection available now.


Pon Pocho in Niko }

Wonder World }

Peaceful Cooing in Madobe }

Little Letter }

{ Peaceful Cooing Knit }

Element Collage knit }

{ Melody Sketch }


images from the Nani Iro webshop


  1. Beautiful. Great find!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    I want it all.

  3. Toro says:

    Wow! Everything looks gorgeous! So many things I can do with this!