Makumo Textile Design

Makumo fabric panels and goods are hand-screenprinted by┬áJapanese artisan Miki Fukuyama. These designs just blow me away, as does her screen printing skill (two+ colors is hard!). Her style is unique, beautiful, and edgy but not alienating. I like how some of the conversational designs are layered in black over different background patterns (see Animal and Acrobatics). All the designs are viewable here and the online shop is here (and here’s a Google Translate link in English). I think she only sells within Japan but maybe some of my Japanese-reading friends and shopping services can help us there?



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  1. Catherine says:

    This is such beautiful work! Not only am I blown away by her silkscreening skills, but her use of use of color is amazing. I love the slightly retro quality of some of the designs also.