Zak + Fox

Zak + Fox is a new-to-the-scene textile and interior design company founded by Zak Profera. Fox is the alias for Zak’s dog Shinji. He writes about the inspiration for the company: “I loved the idea of a boy and his dog traversing the globe, unearthing ancient treasures, and bringing them back to modernity. There’s an adventurous, romantic spirit in the archetype, and it offers room to create engaging designs with narrative roots.” Profera’s designs are indeed international, historical, classic, modern, and have a masculine edge. The fabrics are all 100% Belgian linen, printed in the U.S. and suitable for lighter home decor. The designs you see here are from Zak + Fox’s debut collection (Season 1) — check out Profera’s Pinterest for inspirational photos and shots of all the colorways in which these prints are available. The Pinterest boards also contain a mood board of sorts for the Season 2 collection.

Showrooms are listed here.

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  1. Penina says:

    HOW did I miss this post? These patterns are poetry. I have a new hero! Thanks for spotting and sharing, Kim!