New From Marimekko

Ikkunaprinssi by Erja Hirvi }


The checkout girl at Home Depot saw my son’s Angry Birds shirt and she said “the most famous thing to come out of Finland!” I didn’t know that! She said, “and Fiskars scissors.” I didn’t know that either! I said, “And Marimekko!,” and she said, “oh yeah”! And so it was that I was reminded to check in on one of Finland’s most famous exports — as always, including new designs and new colorways of classic and recent-season prints. They are printed on heavyweight cotton and sold by the panel.

See also this recent post on the Always Mod blog about Marimekko’s printing process.


{ Kaunis Kauris by Teresa Moorhouse }

{ Hutera by Jenni Rope }


Klapi by Jenni Rope }

{ Kuukuna by Jenni Tuominen }


  1. Camille says:

    Dang, your Home Depot staff is a lot cooler than mine! :)

  2. kristin says:

    i didn’t know the first two either! i love the jenni rope prints.