Luna Textiles

Luna Textiles┬áis based in San Francisco and produces environmentally sustainable, modern textiles for the corporate, hospitality, and healthcare markets — definitely for clients that don’t want the usual soul-crushing corporate blue-gray look! As you can see from their website the fabrics look great as bags, shoes, luggage, and pillows. Modern Textiles has some reclaimed Luna fabrics in stock that you can buy directly. Otherwise, see this post about accessing to-the-trade-only fabrics.


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  1. Melis says:

    Kim, this is why I like you and your blog (among many other reasons). When you write things like, “soul-crushing corporate blue-gray look”—I chuckle. Love how you keep your finger on the pulse of this fascinating industry. Hope you guys are doing well! Sorry I haven’t commented for a while (pure laziness).
    Best to all y’all.