Meet the Sponsors: Sew Modern

Welcome to the latest installment of our Meet the Sponsors series! It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lauren Hawley, owner of Sew Modern. Lauren’s shop is both online and brick and mortar — her Los Angeles, California shop is a haven for modern quilters, becoming a popular destination for touring designers and authors. In such a crowded market, I think it’s a testament to Lauren’s hard work and vision that she has managed to create a name and a strong brand identity (every color of Kona cotton!) in a very crowded market in mere 12 months.

On the occasion of this interview, Lauren and Sew Modern is giving away a fat quarter bundle of Art Gallery Fabrics’ Summerlove to one lucky True Up reader today. Just comment on this post, and I’ll draw the winner randomly this Saturday, March 24, around noon central U.S. time. Good luck, and a huge thanks to Lauren!

Also, use code TU10 for 10% off all fabric yardage (excluding sale items and pre-cuts) at Sew Modern now through midnight, March 27, 2012.


Where do you live? What is the textile/crafty scene like there?

I live in Los Angeles. I’m originally from NY but have been in LA now for 10 years! I can hardly believe that. LA is a pretty crafty town, and seems to be getting more so all the time. I think a lot of people here were closet crafters/quilters/sewists and it has now become kind of geeky-cool to come out about it. For quilters, that is due in no small part to the Modern Quilt Guild, which has gone seriously viral in the last 2 years.

Some big fabric manufacturers/distributors are located nearby like Robert Kaufman, Alexander Henry, and Seven Islands which is great because if I have a big order I can pick it up in person. Plus they come visit ME sometimes!


How and when did you start selling fabric?

I opened Sew Modern a year ago as a brick and mortar store. I wanted to be able to see and feel fabrics before purchasing and most of what I liked online I couldn’t find locally. I also wanted a place to create and hang out with like minded fabric addicts!


What surprised you most about the business?

Not much has surprised me about the business, except maybe how many people want private sewing lessons for themselves and their children.


Is this your full time job? If not, what else do you do to pay the bills?

This is my full time job, but as it’s only my second year in business, I don’t even take a salary yet. My husband is lucky enough to work as a writer for television and film and that keeps me and my rather large family sustained.


How would you characterize your shop?

My shop is just what it says it is: Sew Modern. I suppose we are quilt-leaning, though we teach all kinds of classes and have a variety of fabric types.


What are your hot sellers right now?

Solids are totally hot. Kona cottons (we sell all of the colors) as well as Kaffe Fasset’s Shot Cottons, Moda’s Cross Weaves and Art Gallery’s Pure Elements. Japanese stuff is pretty big too, including minimalist designers like Yoshiko Jinzenji and Nani Iro. Oh, and linen. Robert Kaufman’s Essex Linen is a blend that quilters love!


{ A faithful customer on Sew Modern’s in-store longarm quilting machine }

Did the online store follow the brick & mortar, or vice versa? What are the challenges of juggling both?

The online shop followed as a way to keep things moving more quickly through the store so that there are always fresh items. Juggling both has been fairly easy so far, as our POS system and the online store are one … so if we make a sale online, it pops up at the shop and the inventory is taken out. Myself and my employees cut and pack up all the orders during regular store hours.

Tell us about your staff!

My staff is awesome and I couldn’t do any of this without them.

Liz is my manager and she just totally rocks. She is a FIDM graduate in fashion design. She teaches, organizes, makes samples, and basically keeps everything on track. She’s my right hand.

Ariga just joined our staff full time and she is also a FIDM graduate and can sew like the dickens.

Lisa is part time, but totally essential as she has made it her personal mission to know and love the long arm quilting machine. She teaches others to use it and is also our in-house quilter for those who just like to do the piecing. She also knows a buttload about sewing machines in general and teaches free motion quilting on home machines as well. She can make and teach anything, really.


{ Anna Maria Horner pays a visit to Sew Modern. That’s Lauren in the boots, Lisa behind them, and many L.A. Modern Quilt Guild Members! }
How do you deal with the challenges of the current economy, the increasing competition in the retail fabric business, and the other challenges of being a fabric merchant?

Honestly, I feel like Sew Modern has filled a gap. There aren’t many brick and mortar shops out there like ours so we are doing pretty well. However, business online is more challenging. Shops with less overhead than mine can sell fabric a bit cheaper, sometimes, than I can. We are still doing well because we carry a lot of items that not many others do. And having a gigantic selection of solids means you can always get your coordinates in one place and not pay all that shipping. Our SALE section is always rocking too, because we really want to keep things moving!

What’s your personal stash like?

My personal stash is really eclectic. I have things like vintage cuts of chenille from Ebay to 70s style corduroy to the latest designer quilting cotton collections. Despite all of that, I don’t see my stash as too big. Maybe that’s wrong?


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