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Last week I was The Expert on‘s Meet the Expert series, where Atlanta-based designer and instructor (and jazz vocalist!) Laura Coyle gave me a warm welcome and asked me questions. This week, I’m excited that the tables are turned! Laura is an extremely talented freelance designer whose client list will make your head spin. So I asked her here to talk about her work, sing the praises of Adobe Illustrator, and tell you about the online classes she teaches.

As part of this Meet the Sponsors interview, we’re giving away a spot in Laura’s Ink and Paint workshop,  which is a self-paced online class that will help you make your vector art more natural-looking with hand-drawing techniques. It’s also partially a lesson in using the Wacom tablet, which is a favorite tool of many a famous fabric designer.

To be entered into the random drawing, simply leave a comment on this post. I’ll pick a winner this Friday, May 4, 2012.

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Please tell us more about your background!

I grew up in Atlanta and always wanted to be an artist. I went to school at Auburn University starting in graphic design, but later moved into illustration. I was excited to discover I could make a career of drawing pictures!

{ Laura’s birthday collection for Target }

How did you learn Illustrator?

I am mostly self-taught. In school, graphics software still lacked much aesthetic range. I started my career working in watercolor and ink and scratchboard. Later, I had an illustration client who was nudging me to “go digital.” At first I was resistant, but they gave me some deadlines, which I always respond well to! I spent a lot of time working with Illustrator manuals in my lap.

What would you say to people who are intimidated by Illustrator, either because they have never worked in it or because they consider themselves “Photoshop people”?

I completely understand their plight, I am the reverse: an Illustrator person who still has plenty to learn about Photoshop, and I keep that in mind when I create a class. It’s empowering to have learned a complex program like Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator is no more complex, just different, and just as powerful. I explain the logic of how it works, so students can adopt the mindset and get into making art, and a lot of them wind up in love with Illustrator!

{ The new Parcheesi board, designed by Laura Coyle }

You re-designed the Parcheesi board! What was that like? I imagine it must be intimidating to re-design a classic, especially when you’ve got such a respect for classic and vintage design.

It was fantastic! The old board I grew up with is definitely iconic, but it’s a perfect candidate for re-styling because it originated in India and throughout the game’s hundred-year history, the board has changed with the times. Hasbro wanted to highlight this and make it appeal to kids. A sculptor designed the animal pawns while I went back in history, researching patterns inlaid in the marble of the Taj Mahal and motifs you would find in mehndi designs. This was eleven years ago, and it was fascinating merging that history with the relatively new process of drawing, scanning and sending designs back and forth over email.

{ Laura warms up her vector illustrations with handwriting and hand-drawn lines. }

A lot of people (including me) complain that art designed in Illustrator looks “too Illustrator-y.” What is that all about, and what’s the one biggest thing people can learn so that the art shines through first, and not the technique?

It can be easy to fall into using too much native Ai vocabulary and shapes that don’t have much life to them. Incorporating scanned drawings and textures can warm things up. I work from scanned pencil sketches to keep movement in my work. And I rely on my background: watercolor taught me a lot about how to use transparency and blending modes. Art history can show you how simple shapes like the ones Matisse cut from paper or Calder cut from metal can be the elements of a beautiful composition. You can use Illustrator to craft beautiful shapes – rather than letting the software shape you too much.

How did you get involved with And what makes them different from the other e-course sites out there?

Renee is a designer and Photoshop guru – we became friends in Atlanta and later we ran into each other at Surtex in NYC. Her book Digital Designs for Scrapbooking was out and she was traveling the world teaching the emerging craft of digi-scrapbooking. She launched her website where she offers a range of classes in Photoshop, PS Elements, digital art and photography and she was looking for an Illustrator teacher. Renee is right on the technology curve — her site offers a very popular class on iPhone photography — and you can watch any of the classes on an iPhone or iPad. You can watch lessons wherever you are or whenever you have the time, but you also get attention from the instructor and a community of fellow artists that helps you stay inspired.

Which classes do you teach?

I teach Beginning Illustrator and Illustrator 2, an intermediate class. We call them the “Essentials” and they are both comprehensive (4-5 hours each) to give students a good working foundation. Then I have a series of shorter project-based workshops (1-1.5 hours each) that teach more skills in-depth.

And how do the online classes work?

My classes are all self-paced, so the minute you sign up, you can watch the streaming video lessons — and they never expire, so there’s no time limit. Classes include written content and files for the art we create in class. We have an Illustrator forum and gallery, which is a big benefit because we can gather, talk shop, and share tips. I’m there to answer questions, but we a lot of participants are actively contributing to the conversation too. It’s inspiring when you are learning something new to make friends and exchange ideas and images. Also, I host monthly Illustrator demos online, so students can attend the live chat or watch the recordings later. I take suggestions for what to demonstrate, so you have the opportunity to get specifically what you need in the live chats.

{ Happy Hour pattern by Laura Coyle. Her Illustrator 2 class includes instruction on creating repeats. }

And finally, what does the aspiring fabric designer have to gain from these courses?

Illustrator is an essential design tool — not only does it have repeat pattern capability for fabric designers (and we work with repeats in my Illustrator 2 class) but vector art is endlessly editable. You can take a tiny flower from one pattern, enlarge it, and make it the jumping-off point for an entirely new design. From the first lessons we start creating art and along the way I teach about building and editing art to take advantage of Illustrator’s unique strength: anything you create at any time could be the seed for another design. We work with color too so you can stay organized while working on collections of art.

I teach about measuring, tracing and working with precision: the technical aspects of illustrator that you could apply to anything from laying out sewing patterns to preparing work for print. I also spend time on drawing and working in intuitive ways so your personality can shine through.

Finally, Ai is a great companion to Photoshop and in my Essentials lessons I work between both programs. In my own work, I create for greeting cards, paper goods and similar markets so I want the artwork we build in my classes to have colorful and decorative appeal. We don’t draw 3-D flaming Camaros, as cool as those are, but I want you to feel like you can start making useful art right away and ultimately infuse it with your own style.

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Thank you so much, Laura!


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