Thai Silks

Thai Silks is perhaps the mother lode of printed silks on the internet. They import silks from Thailand, China, Korea, and India, offering high-quality fabrics at reasonable prices. (Not bargain basement, but this is quality silk we’re talking about. And if you’re a professional or a school, they have discounts for you.) One thing I really like about them is that you can browse to find a print you like, then decide what kind of silk you want it on, as most prints come in at least a couple types. Silk charmeuse, georgette, chiffon are the most plentiful, but you’ll also find habotai, crepe, noil, velvet, brocade, organza, taffeta, dupioni, blends, suitings, and knits. For all you hand-printers, -painters and -dyers, they are THE place to go for blank sewn items and PFD fabric yardage.


  1. simone says:

    WOWZA! mama needs some of these! Fabulous! Thanks for filling me in on Thai silks. Will be ordering soon for sure…that flamestitch is TDF!

  2. Thai Silks is definitely the place to shop for silk fabrics. I’m fortunate that they are only a short car ride away. My favorites from them are the silk shantungs … they’re fantastic for making dolls.