Liberty Art Fabrics: Wightwick and Willow, AW12

{ Milliner from the Printing and Dyeing Group }

The Autumn/Winter 2012 collection of Liberty of London Tana Lawn (and Saville Poplin) has just been released. Wightwick and Willow is a tribute to the evolution of textile printing techniques. There are six groups within the collection: Weave, Xylography (block printing), and Embellishment suggest the beautiful and dimensional textures of these techniques; Printing & Dyeing and Digital showcase the very fine detail that the very finest artisans can achieve; and finally, a nod to Recycling’s role in the history of textiles. I have to say, this collection is kind of blowing my textile nerd mind.

Learn more about collection on the Liberty blog here. Most of these prints are still available in a few colorways.


More from the Printing and Dyeing group:
















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  1. Carmen says:

    Those are too cool for school! I really, really want to reach out and touch these (even though I know they’ll all be printed on tana lawn). I think I have to sit and think about the recycling prints, but I’ll go along with it:)