Budget Cotton Lawns at Fabric.com

I’m sure all you garment sewists’ thoughts (at least you Northern Hemisphereian garment sewists’ thoughts) are turning toward warm-weather sewing. I went looking for cotton lawn prints and spotted these at Fabric.com. They’re very cute and a bargain to boot. The black and white stripes below are the perfect size to get in on the stripe trend without having to laboriously match up the print at the seams. P.S., Fabric.com also has a nice selection of cotton lawn solids, and some Liberty of London Tana Lawn (and Hello Kitty prints coming soon).


  1. Cherie says:

    I love your website, I can constantly finding great fabric thanks to you! That being said, all of those cheap cotton lawns are sold out except for one print. You can’t order them until they come back in stock, probably around 2 weeks.

  2. Becky says:

    I’ve been wondering when I’d find HK prints on good fabric, and it looks like that day has come… but at LofL prices! Ack! I’ll be making a muslin before cutting into that one. But oh, yes, I will be snapping some of that up!

  3. jesse says:

    by promoting fabric.com you are doing a tremendous disservice to the thousands of quilt shops in this country and in turn to many of your readers and the companies that support you…

    • Kim says:

      Jesse, this is my “Fashion Fabric of the Week” feature. There is a limited number of shops that sell fashion fabrics online, especially the types of fabric that would appeal to my readers, and Fabric.com is one of them.

      Full disclosure: I do run affiliate ads for Fabric.com, which has turned out to provide a major portion of my income. But, I don’t put the affiliate links in regular posts (only my sale alert posts). I strive to present a wide variety of fabric sources on this blog, sponsors and not-sponsors.

      I’m not forcing anyone to buy from anywhere, I just want to point people to attractive fabrics.

    • Mary says:

      Not everyone lives close to quilt shops, quilt shops with a wide variety, or can easily get to them. I’m one of those people and I buy online from a variety of shops, on etsy, from quilt shops with online sites, from fabric.com. Not everyone can pay premium prices either, like me. I buy piece by piece as I have money.

    • Dana Harris says:

      Oh please! We need to have several choices for fabric. Thousands? Really?
      Unscribe yourself.