Vlisco: Silent Empire

Vlisco‘s newest collection is Silent Empire. Vlisco always does the most beautiful job in introducing their new fabrics so I’ll just quote their description! “The fabric designs of the Silent Empire collection feature daring graphic patterns, toned down by a colour palette of muted earth tones. The careful use of bright blue and lime green touches bring the designs to life. Foreign influences show themselves in the intricate layering of details in the patterns, adding a touch of playfulness.” To get a better sense of the scale (and beauty and possibility) of these fabrics, see the lookbook.

Two as One is a collection within the collection of prints that are “inverted versions of one another.” They can be used alone or paired within an outfit for “a transformative twist” … see what they mean in the video at the bottom of the lookbook page.

Silent Empire also includes coordinating solids.

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