Skinny Laminx: Flower Dreams

Skinny LaMinx just released a beautiful new self-produced collection. Flower Dreams is all about florals, of course, and features her signature papercut motifs. The fabrics are screenprinted in South Africa onto an approximately 7 oz/square yard (that’s a medium-heavy weight), 55″ wide cotton-linen blend. The fabrics (along with her other fabrics and textile products) are available on Etsy to the world and directly through her site for South African customers.

{ Wild Flowers}

{ Pincushion }

{ Orla }

{ Flower Field }


  1. Kristin says:

    Oh, the inaccessibility of this just KILLS me! I jumped through, really hoping that she had done a new collection for a US manufacturer. Love her work so, so much! These are all stunning.

    • So fab to see my fabrics on True Up. Thank, Kim!

      Thanks for the enthusiastic response, Kristin, and I hope it helps to know that I export all over the world (including the US) on a weekly basis, so please do get in touch if you’d like to place an order.
      xx Heather

      • Kristin says:

        Oh, Heather, you know me, I just want to sell bolts and bolts of it. I’m sure I’ll be placing a personal order as usual, but I want a truckload of it for the shop.

  2. HOT…….Look at fabric constantly and so happy to see something new and fresh! Retro/millenia!!

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