When people explore digital textile printing they tend to gravitate toward conversational prints and splashy florals. Certainly those tend to take advantage of the unlimited color possibilities. In a way simple geometric prints seem “too easy” for digital printing, but hey, if you’re envisioning a print and it’s not out there commercially, it’s digital to the rescue! Maybe that’s here nor there, but these are just some thoughts I had upon discovering Stoflab, a gentleman designer in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His cool, powerful geometrics jump out at you and remind me that “less is more” still applies when it comes to digital printing. Find Stoflab’s fabrics for sale on Spoonflower, displayed on Flickr, and available for purchase on other surfaces on Society6.




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  1. Sam Hunter says:

    Hi Kim – I think I met this chap in a store I work at a few weeks ago… a line of STOF fabric was being shown to us by our rep and he was with her. Charming man. These designs look like they come from a similar source. The samples we saw were geometric and fresh, and there were some that gave a similar feel to Lotta Jansdottr’s last two lines. I think we ordered some… looking forward to playing with them!