Spoonflower Color v2.1

Spoonflower Color Map v2.1

Spoonflower recently made an important update to their color management. It was done to expand the range of colors, improve handling of gradients (which means better photographic printing), and to reduce color shifts between computer screens and fabric, and between their different base cloths. On the downside, it means that old color maps need upgrading (to their beautiful-on-its-own Color Map v2), and old designs may need re-coloring with the new profile in order to print as you intended them. The Spoonflower crew is keeping an option to print designs uploaded during version 1 of their color profile around for some months but the intention is to phase out the old profile eventually.

Read more about the post in Spoonflower’s announcement newsletter, share experiences and ask questions in their Flickr forum, and read in depth about Spoonflower’s color management on their help page.

Also, of course, I have to plug my book, which I hope will convince you of the importance of working from a color map and ordering swatches before you order yardage of digitally printed fabric designs!

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