Lauren Hunt (My Aunt June): And Your Name Is?

It’s a My Aunt June week! Earlier this week I featured some of Lauren Hunt’s hand-screenprinted fabrics, but I also wanted to highlight one of her digital projects. Lauren has recently launched an Etsy shop called And Your Name Is?, and through it she offers custom-drawn repeat patterns featuring a name of your choice and rendered in your favorite style and color(s). Buyers own the pattern outright and can use it for digital fabric, paper, and any number of print-on-demand products. I think this is a really cool idea that Lauren has had (and not because she used my Theo as one of her muses!) and I can see a lot of potential for creativity here.


  1. alex says:

    pure genius! what kid wouldn’t love this?

  2. craftytammie says:

    awesome – love the different fonts! so cool!

  3. LeAnn says:

    What a FANTASTIC idea!!! Love it!