FunQuilts Now Modern Quilt Studio

{ the Modern Quilt Studio booth at Fall Quilt Market 2011, courtesy of Weeks Ringle }

In case you are crazy and don’t follow the-parents-of-modern-quilting Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr on Weeks’ blog or Facebook page, they have made a whole heap of changes for 2012. Their book Transparency Quilts is just out from C&T (you can see several stellar examples of the patterns in the picture above), they have a new independent-shops-only magazine called Modern Quilts Illustrated, they have moved to a beautiful new home, and have changed their name from FunQuilts to Modern Quilt Studio. They are still occupying the FunQuilts website, but bookmark, which will launch soon.

I have a copy of the magazine and it’s terrific — just as you’d expect from them! — with visual-learner-oriented quilt patterns. They decided not to sell it on Amazon and offer it directly to customers and through independent quilt/fabric retailers, which is rare in this day and age. It will be published 3 times a year and is ad-free. More info on how to find a copy or subscribe is here in their introductory blog post.


  1. Mary P says:

    I went to their final studio sale and got the new magazine. It is terrific! Plus Weeks and Bill are the nicest quilters out there.

  2. Linda F says:

    I love Bill and Weeks books/patterns/classes. They truly are the nicest quilters I have ever met!! Their work is outstanding! I have several of their books and I subscribed to their magazine.