Seeking Vintage Terry Cloth

Monique of Original Mischief (Flickr) is currently writing a book for Schiffer Publishing about vintage terry cloth! She has close to 4-500 examples of vintage terry cloth patterns in her own collection but is looking for more to feature in the book. So she wrote to me asking for help from True Up readers. She’s looking for other examples of terry cloth (aka toweling, and she notes that she’s only looking for the 100% cotton vintage kind.) She is also looking for any vintage advertising pieces specifically for terry cloth fabric (not towels, or other things made from terry cloth).

All submission would be acknowledged within the book if used. She has only about 10 more weeks to get the manuscript in (hey, that’s when I’m due too!) so time is of the essence. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Just go to her blog for contact info.

{ image from Original Mischief }


  1. Monique says:

    Thank you so much Kim for putting the call out. Appreciated! Monique xx

  2. MelanieO says:

    Does she want photos of my terry cloth short sets from the 70s? TOTALLY kidding!!