A Field Guide to Fabric Design Is Out!

It’s official, the book is OUT! Pre-order-ers got their copies last week, and now it’s shipping immediately from Amazon. I received three boxes full this weekend, and I have to say that even though I have had an advance copy for some time, nothing prepares you for the thrill of seeing a big stack of them on your table. WOW. I wanted to take pictures of the boxes arriving and me opening them, but a) I wasn’t home and b) they were delivered Fedex rather than UPS, so my plan for a shot of my UPS-guy-who-looks-like-Roger-Sterling holding a copy of my book was blown. You will just have to imagine it.

The Stash Books Blog has a wonderful introductory post and giveaway. And there are a couple reviews already:

Generation Q says “What we really like about this book is that Kimberly assumes from the start you whoever picks it up and follows its guidance will become a big enough name in the q-world to warrant her information on licensing and copyright. That’s just cool!”

and Helen of BellaOnline, who is a doll maker, writes “I have rarely, if ever, thought about the fabric I buy to make dolls and doll clothes with, beyond the color and if I like it. I do sometimes consider the fiber content, but never thought about where the pattern came from, the designer, the choice of colors and how the design gets put on the fabric. Needless to say, this book has opened my eyes.”

Thanks very much to Jake and the Gen Q gang, and to Helen! And to Stash! Cheers!


  1. Congrats, Kim! I ordered my copy last week so I should be getting it soon!! Can’t wait!

  2. Carmel says:

    Congratulations on the book – I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  3. Anneline says:

    I’ve placed my order with AmazonUK today, I hope they hurry up because I cannot wait to read it!

  4. How exciting. Congratulations!

  5. Samarra | Sammy K says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a thrill! The Roger Sterling comment totally cracked me up. Now I just want to see you UPS guy.

  6. Angie McDonnell says:

    Just ordered my copy – can’t wait to get it!

  7. Liz says:

    Got mine yesterday–it’s beyond what I expected! Congrats Kim!

  8. Lisa P. says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to get a look at this. What a timely and much needed book! Way to go!

  9. Tanya Whelan says:

    Gigantic congratulations Kim!!!

  10. Carmen says:

    That’s super exciting — congratulations! I’ve always enjoyed seeing the prints you feature on True Up, so I’m sure that those in the book will also really reflect your tastes as well!

  11. Jennifer G says:

    A big, big CONGRATS to you! Your blog is one of my favorites to follow and I’m so happy that you’ve been able to follow your dream and write this book. Looking forward to seeing it in person!

  12. Wendy says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to getting my own copy!

  13. corentine says:

    I am so eager to get it !

  14. Nathalie says:

    Fantastic! My copy is in the basket (although Amazon states that delivery to the UK is 1 to 3 weeks. Can I wait that long?!!)

  15. Tara says:

    SO happy for you! Congrats for this beautiful book!!!

  16. Yeah! I received mine today!!!

  17. Just ordered mine on amazon, so excited to read it!!

  18. Margie says:

    Congratulations. It looks beautiful!

  19. Clair says:

    Awesome work Kim :)
    I have placed my order with Book Depository (gotta love free shipping!)
    Can’t wait to get it, jump on the couch and settle in with a nice cup of chai…
    very excited for you

  20. angel says:

    Congrats! How very exciting! Thank you for such a great, resourceful blog and now a fantastic book too!

  21. Melissa says:

    yay!! placed my order on Amazon today!!!