Harvest Textiles

This is Totem, a hand-screenprinted fabric collection by Harvest Textiles in Melbourne, Australia. Harvest Textiles is run by three women — Jess Wright, Emma Byrnes and Lara Davies — who design and print these fabrics for clothing, home decor, accessories, sewing kits, and for their own sake. They also run screenprinting and textile workshops. Totem is printed on natural 100% linen or 100% certified organic cotton with nontoxic water-based inks, and can be purchased online.


  1. kara rane says:

    painterly* raw linen is beautiful with those bold marks, love the style & energy Totem.

  2. Katie says:

    I love these! The designs remind me of something one of my college art professors used to tell our class: “Don’t forget to KISS!” (Keep it simple stupid!)