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{ Moonlight in the Pines }


OK, how have I managed to get this far along without ever hearing of Full Swing Textiles? Full Swing started out as a vintage shop in Newport, Rhode Island in the 1980s. In 1986, they purchased a lot of 16,000 yards of deadstock vintage barkcloth fabric. As that supply depleted in just a few years, they looked to get some of the prints reproduced. They managed to find a U.S. mill that could weave barkcloth with the same methods as it was originally madein the 40s-early 50s. And the rest is history:

To this day, this original style 19 oz. barkcloth is still woven exclusively for Full Swing in the exact style found in the antique fabrics. It is a very dense and heavy weave that few manufacturers are willing to produce due to the production costs and associated finishing and printing challenges. But ask anyone about the quality of Full Swing’s barkcloth and you’ll hear the similar response: authentic, luxurious, durable, heavy, and the highest quality – the real thing!

Their fabrics have been used in dozens of films — I can’t think of a higher recommendation than that!

There is some retro barkcloth out there, which I usually find to be kind of cheesy-in-a-bad-way, but Full Swing’s patterns are true reproductions, and I love the patterns they have chose to conserve. Here, you see their Adriondack collection (love that plaid — you don’t see plaid barkcloth too often!), a couple abstract atomic prints, a classic tropical botanical, and the oceany Kelp and Tidepool. Full Swing also offers cotton/linen, sateen, and cotton duck basecloths, and solids and stripes to coordinate with their prints.

Most of the prints come in multiple colorways, and are all available to retail customers through their online shop. And if you don’t sew, you can get their fabrics sewn up into pet beds, pillows, bags, aprons, and more.

{ Cabin Plaid }


{ Wish You Were Here }


{ Lake Sebago }


{ Mid-Century Modern }


{ Haley’s Comet }


{ Savanna }


{ Tide Pool }


{ Kelp }


  1. kate spain says:

    omg, i love Full Swing! I used to live in Newport and had a friend who worked there! They sold seconds for a song, and on my waitress salary, i snatched up some Carmen Miranda (natural) that i made into curtains. They’ve adorned the kitchen windows in all the apartments and homes i’ve lived in since. The original shop owner, Michele, had the interior of her car upholstered with some of the prints and her apartment was completely draped in fabric (and heavenly)! Thanks for doing such a great feature on them! xo

  2. Ann Ferguson says:

    Very intriguing and inspiring. Thanks!

  3. Lisa says:

    I love bark cloth and have a collection of it – these repro are great – love tide pool and kelp – very different!

  4. alison says:

    I’ve never heard of them either! What a fantastic resource for those of us that love barkcloth (me me me). Thanks so much for this post!

  5. Now that’s what I call great fabric!!! No owls in sight. x

  6. Cathy A says:

    Oh, my, I love these!!