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German designer Graziela Preiser’s work was very popular in 1970s Germany (how great is this archival photo?). A few decades later, she teamed up with her daughter Nina to reissue some of her classic designs under the name byGraziela. The company offers bedding, crockery, towels, posters and wall hangings, bunting, bags, a kids’ book, and fabric by the meter. The fabrics are 1.4-1.7 meter wide (55″-66″), 100% cotton, and cost 21,90 €/meter (about $31).

{ Train }

{ Hearts – also in orange }

{ Apple – also in orange }


  1. Nadja says:

    yeah Graziela is a real german classic :-)

  2. Nicole says:

    Oh, I had a plate with her designs on when I was a child! Long time ago…

  3. Just gorgeous! Love these playful prints!!!