Spring Quilt Market 2011: FreeSpirit — George Mendoza, Dena Designs, Nel Whatmore, and Heather Bailey

Rowan/Free Spirit

Let’s keep going, shall we? While I didn’t get all of FreeSpirit‘s new offerings, this covers the last of the the designers-without-booths that I did mange to collect. George Mendoza‘s Color of the Wind is all about the blues, oranges, and purples. FreeSpirit has printed two of the prints in two colorways on their microfleece, which is the softest fleece I have ever felt in my life.

George Mendoza-- Color of the Wind

George Mendoza-- color of the wind

Dena Fishbein of Dena Designs introduced two collections: Taza and Kumari Holiday Garden, out in July. Check out Dena’s full bolt photos of Taza on her blog. Christmas collections were not on my radar for whatever reason, but I loved what I did see.

Dena Designs-- Kumari Holiday Garden

Dena Designs-- Kumari Holiday Garden


I neglected to get the ship date for Nel Whatmore‘s Sleeping Beauty, but I imagine that since it’s still on paper we’ll see it in stores towards the end of the summer.


Free Spirit Nel Whatmore-- Sleeping Beauty

Finally, Heather Bailey introduced a new substrate with Garden District. This heavier weight home dec cotton canvas should be in stores in August.

Heather Bailey-- Garden District


  1. Alison says:

    These are all really informative posts that you are doing on quilt market. For those of us too far away to go – thank you.

  2. Leena says:

    Enjoying the reads of those market reports! And feasting my eyes of those wonderful fabrics….I wanttttt to gooooooo to marketttttttttt tooooo….LOL!