Spring Quilt Market 2011: Renaissance Ribbons, Oilcloth by the Yard

Renaissance Ribbon-- Kaffe Fasset

So, I’m not sure the next two companies technically fall into traditional True Up coverage, but I’m calling it close enough! Renaissance Ribbons probably provide most of the woven jaquard and fancier ribbons that you see at your local fabric store. They license designs from popular designers like Sue Spargo and Kaffe Fasset and their booth at Market showcased racks of beautiful ribbons and a few applications.

Renaissance Ribbon

Renaissance Ribbon-- Jennifer Jangles

(Jennifer Jangles)



(Sue Spargo)

Oilcloth By the Yard is a Philadelphia-based company and the largest supplier of wholesale and retail oilcloth in the U.S. They had stacks of swatches running the gamut from vintage kitsch to animal prints. In retrospect, I see that I was especially fond of the fruit prints.

Oilcloth by the Yard

Oilcloth by the Yard


oilcloth by the yard

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