Spring Quilt Market 2011: P&B Textiles – Helen Dardik and Karen Tusinski

P&B Toomuchery

I just had a few minutes before closing to check in with the reps at P&B Textiles. They were getting a lot of deserved attention for two lines in particular — Toomuchery by Helen Dardik and Gallery Fiori by Karen Tusinski. Both artists are represented by Lilla Rogers studio, with whom P&B has been contracting with the last couple of years to bring some great design to fabric (Helen Dardik’s first collection, Mod Kitchen, Caroline Gavin‘s Wild Thyme and Spring Street, and Jenn Ski’s Aldo to Zippy). They are obviously very aesthetically different collections, but they are both modern and they both use palettes I wasn’t seeing a lot of among contemporary designers at market.


Toomuchery by Helen Dardick

At this point in my day, I just wanted to kick off my shoes and curl up in that Toomuchery chair.

Gallery Fiori by Karen Tusinski

Karen’s line, Gallery Fiori, were mounted on stretchers like canvases. It was a really simple and a really beautiful display.

Gallery Fiori by Karen Tusinski

Gallery Fiori by Karen Tusinski

Both these collections will start shipping in late summer.


  1. kim says:

    a whole lot of gorgeous on display here. helen, caroline, and jenn have that midas touch… such talented women! thanks for sharing the pics :)

  2. These are wonderful! I love the name “toomuchery”. Perfect!

  3. Kristin says:

    Someone asked me what was the best thing I saw at market and I had to say Too Muchery. I love it when I’m surprised. I think the colors and prints were really new and retro at the same time.