Spring Quilt Market 2011: David Textiles

David Textiles-- Skelanimals

I want to give a massive thank you to Lynn Kraus at EE Schenck (she also showed me Camelot and Henry Glass) for fitting me in, showing me some great stuff, and for being so enthusiastic about True Up and Kim. Lynn has developed a rad line of vinyl decals for sewists and quilters under her company name Fiber Flies. I’m thinking about getting some giant shears for the side of our cargo bike.

I was checking in to see if David Textiles had any additions to the V&A collection (they don’t), but they are printing an updated line of Hello Kitty and they are introducing Chungkee Panda and Skelanimals. This is a licensed anime character with the tag line “dead animals need love too.” I’m sorry that my big shadowy head got in the way of better pictures, because this was by far the craziest line I saw at market and I loved it – or at least, I know lots of other people will.

Skelanimals and Hello Kitty Fleece

Of course, if dead plushies aren’t your thing, they also have a cute line of owls coming out:

Hoot Owl

And Butterflies:


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  1. Kathy says:

    Dead plushies, huh? I have to think about that one. But the Hello Kitty is adorable! I sure am enjoying your quilt show roundup!