Spring Quilt Market 2011: Cloud9 Fabrics

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{ photo by Melissa Frantz }

Cloud9 Fabrics has so much goodness going on … they’ve got several new collections coming up in both their price-sensitive and premium categories. (As Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio wrote in her market wrapup, it’s really great to see the proliferation of organic fabrics at lower price points, when the price of conventional cotton fabrics keeps rising.) Everyone loved the display of the newly released Cut Out & Keep by Heather Moore — eight mini-dresses sewn from a 1967 McCall’s pattern. Melissa tells me that Cloud9 has sold out of Cut Out & Keep red birds and clouds print, and I don’t know if it’ll be reprinted, so get your hands on it from the shops while you can!


{ photos by Melissa Frantz }

This July, Julia Rothman‘s Micellany will be shipping. I’ve always wanted to see Rothman’s amazing patterns on fabric (well, to be fair, she has been on textiles, but not retail fabric!) To see more of the collection, see here and here.


September 2011 will see the release of Maman, a nursery collection that Cloud9 owner Michelle Engel Bencsko designed using illustrations by her grandmother Anne-Marie Bossaert. Just the concept behind it makes me go “awwww!” so I can’t wait to hear more about this collaboration. Maman will be accompanied by a coordinating collection of Nursery Basics.


Also in September, Michelle’s Across the Pond, an art nouveau-esque take on a wetlands theme. Gorgeous! Michelle wrote up the very interesting backstory of this collection on her blog.


{ photos by Michelle Engel Bencsko }

And the last of Cloud9′s previews from the Spring Quilt Market is Monsterz by Michéle Brummer-Everett, which is due out in October of this year. It has the sweetest Ed Emberley thumbprint-meets-Japanese kawaii vibe! I’ve been waiting for this modern illustration style to make it to fabric, and I think this collection will be a huge hit.

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  1. melimba says:

    love Cloud 9′s new collections, especially Michéle Everett’s new line! She’s a long time friend and I’m thrilled they will be printing her work!