Fall Quilt Market 2011: Yuwa/Kei – 80s Colors

Yuwa is one of the essential stops of Quilt Market, not only because they consistently produce my favorite prints, but since they don’t have a website (though their cousin Kei does now) it’s hard to keep up with them otherwise. Unfortunately I was in a mad rush to leave so I could help my husband wrangle the babies as he checked out of the hotel, so I didn’t get all the specifics of the prints you’ll see here today. But I think you’ll enjoy just letting them wash over you. I love these cherries, strawberries, and tulips … it’s hard to make me feel nostalgic for the 80s, but these manage it!


  1. petra says:

    Ow this is so nice!
    Where can we buy these?

  2. Kim says:

    Hi Petra! I’m not sure when they’re out, but Fabricworm, Superbuzzy, and Purl Patchwork tend to carry most of Yuwa’s and Kei’s fabrics.