Fall Quilt Market 2011: Timeless Treasures – Monica Lee

It is the way of Quilt Market chaos — there are online friends you can’t wait to meet, and you make best-laid plans over email, then manage to never so much as lay eyes on them over the course of the weekend. But then there’s always a person who you run into again and again like unseen forces engineered it that way. Monica Lee was the latter for me this time, and we’re BFFs now! (Oh, I guess that title goes to her dog Dunkin.) She even came to my book signing — isn’t that sweet? She gave me a whirlwind tour through the Timeless Treasures booth, including her new collections Cardian Girls and The Neighborhood. Cardian Girls is meant for the tween girl demographic (and their moms and grandmas). See her video introduction.

The Neighborhood is great for little boys. And little dogs.



  1. Monica Lee says:

    Oh my Kim! You are such a dear, this was such a nice way to click onto the internet today. And naturally Dunkin is thrilled about the press!

  2. colleen says:

    How darling! And that globe! What a great way to dispense with an out of date globe…..

  3. Yay for Monica!!! So happy to see her on here.