Fall Quilt Market 2011: More More Moda

Here are a few more collections coming from Moda. First off, we have Hello Luscious by Basic Grey. See the Moda site to take a look at the collection’s .pdf file — I love the main floral on the striped background, but you can’t see it very well in my shot. Hello Luscious will be out in February 2012.

This is California Girl from Fig Tree Quilts. Johanna Figueroa has combined a feedsack-y floral with several timeless coordinates. There is also a cool silhouette/toile print. I was surprised to see two blue colorways added to her signature colorway of coral, soft brown, gold, and sage green. California Girl will be out in March 2012.

I’m trying to remember if Moda has ever done licensed character collections in the past — it’s not usually what I associate with the company, but maybe I will be in the future! Moda was clever with The Berenstain Bears — they included not only the characters themselves but also took the prints that Mom and Dad always wear and made them into coordinates. The Berenstain Bears will be available February 2012.

Finally, the very lush, classic Trade Winds by Lila Ashbury, which will be out in April 2012.


  1. Dawn Scheidemandel says:

    I LOVE the Berenstain Bears!!!!

  2. Staci says:

    Thanks for the photos! These are fabrics I’ve been eager to get a better look at!

  3. Sheila says:

    Oh goodness, I adore the idea of making bear clothes with the fabrics used in the illustrations!

  4. Anne Gallo says:

    Wish you had some traditional stuff -