Fall Quilt Market 2011: More Moda

Moda has an in-house mini-collection called Made With Love (in fact that was the theme of the Moda boothscape this Market). It includes this great vintage sewing-themed print, a few ruler prints, and a few different types of cut-and-sew labels for your projects. See it all here in this .pdf. The fabrics are out in December 2011 and the labels will follow in January 2012.

Kate Spain‘s Good Fortune! I’ve mentioned earlier that there were several ultra-creative spins on nautical motifs this market — maybe the larger theme is “take a classic theme and make it so much your own that you create something completely new and amazing and set the bar high for all those that follow.” That doesn’t roll off the tongue very well, but it defines what Kate has done with this sort-of-Asian-but-all-her collection. It’s out January 2012.

Also, I’m long overdue on an interview with Ms. Spain, don’t you think?

Sandy Klop (American Jane)’s new collection is called School Days (pdf view) and I love love love it. Composition book cover print! Dot to dot print! Why has no one thought of these things before? Because they’re not geniuses like Sandy, that’s why. I took a picture of her new book to remind me to buy it, and I thought you might appreciate the reminder too.

School Days is out in April 2012.

Sweetwater’s Reunion (pdf) is inspired by, you got it, family reunions! What a clever theme, and their presentation was equally clever. Reunion includes some laminates (for picnic tablecloths, of course) and their signature text prints. It’s coming January 2012.

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