Fall Quilt Market 2011: Moda – A Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey

A Walk in the Woods is Aneela Hoey‘s new collection for Winter 2012 (due to stores in February, with pre-cuts available December-ish). It combines her sweet drawings (those foxes!) with where-have-you-been-all-my-life coordinates. It’s also a return to the great color palette of pink, red, grey, and light blue that she used in her first collection, Sherbet Pips.

I was so happy to meet Aneela in person for the first time! And in the whirlwind of talking to her and Lu and Malka and Liesl and Julie and Kate (I know, right?! I am so lucky.) I somehow totally missed Aneela’s display. Gaaaar! But you can see it on her blog. I’m dying for Sugar Drop.

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  1. nicke says:

    love this. can’t wait for it~