Fall Quilt Market 2011: Michael Miller – Kitchen

It’s Michael Miller time! They introduced their color stories at the Spring Quilt Market, and this time around there are more groups and more fabrics in each group. The Michael Miller Studios collections are still organized by theme — the color stories provide another way to group prints (and their new Cotton Couture solids) together for your mixing and matching pleasure.

That said, looking at all my photos I realized it was still best to show you the collections (more or less) by theme, but you can also see them by color story on the Michael Miller site. The Kitchen group has a few new mini-collections within, and I love them all. Notice the triangle design trend finally seeping into the quilting fabric world … and this is just the beginning of all the great text prints MM has in store.


  1. Maureen from Ventura says:

    Very cute!

  2. Angela says:

    oh I love those top two pictures especially! I will definitely be on the look out for those!