Fall Quilt Market 2011: Kiyohara – Puti de Pome

It goes without saying that the Japanese fabric companies can Do No Wrong in general, and I always enjoy almost everything they do, but this time I especially enjoyed Kiyohara’s offerings. I’ve always thought their Puti de Pome was cute, but this time instead of being on the softer, sweeter, more delicate side of cute, the prints are bigger, bolder, and I guess you could say the more awesome side of cute. Puti de Pome is by designer and Author Miko Ogura, or mico design works. Miko Ogura is also the designer behind the Ecrulat lines. The collections here are So Happy, Picnic Kids, and one more that I didn’t catch the name of.

They had a placard there with a little autobiography on Miko: “I’m an illustrator and also like to sew. I use pencils to illustrate on paper but also use my Mac. By combining both analog and digital tools, I’m able to create a balance in my designs which express warmth and a sense of calmness derived from nature.”

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  1. Anastasia says:

    Red elephants! I love love love red elephants!