Fall Quilt Market 2011: Andover – Thomas Knauer

I finally got to meet Thomas Knauer at Quilt Market and he is a really great fellow. He impressed the crowds at schoolhouse not only with his public speaking skills (he is a former professor, remember?) but also with the stories behind the three collections he had showing with Andover. AND the great quilts and projects he has designed to go along with the collections.

Pear Tree, his first collection, just arriving in stores now, was inspired by The Partridge Family.

Flock, which is expected in February 2012, was inspired by another 70s family, the Bradys, specifically the episode where Greg gets to make over dad’s den into his bedroom. And that is just about the most awesome inspiration ever for a fabric collection. All the excitement of being a teen and tasting independence for the first time, combined with 70s decor? Oh yeah.

He has also recently unveiled his third collection, a kid’s collection called Savanna Bop. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures, but it would just be on paper now anyway so you’re better off seeing it on the Andover site.

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